Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fatburger, Finally

There has been much discussion around here about when and, for that matter, if Fatburger was going to open its store in Gateway Overlook near Trader Joes’s. HowChow had the latest update that I am aware of.

Until today that is.

You heard it here first. The Fatburger in Gateway Overlook will open next Monday, January 12th. At least that’s what the big guy in the Fatburger shirt told me this afternoon. He even yelled inside to his colleagues for confirmation.

“Yup, it’s definitely January 12th.”

So there you have it, Fatburger will open just in time for your New Years resolution to lose that extra ten pounds.


Freemarket said...

Wow! This is a place I will never set foot in.

JessieX said...

Love it. Culture shift afoot. Trend alert. Boomer cultural dominance, which is shifting now that GenXers are moving into midlife and Boomers into elderhood, is clearly not at hand here. The Boom (Prophet) generation tends to favor marketing that is all about "what isn't": non-fat, low-sodium, fragrance-free. I just love the idea of a fat burger, and a FatBurger.

Freemarket said...

I hope you also like the idea of a fat ass, because that is what you get after too many fat burgers ;-)

Scott said...

but they are so good..... i'd rather run a few extra miles on the treadmill than give up a fatburger every know and then... in moderation of course..

Anonymous said...

JessieX enjoy your Fatburger. After you burn every calorie at an accelerated pace based on your slim design. For the rest of us, it's fat city.

JessieX said...

FM, you're such a pig sometimes. Uh, scuze me, I mean, you're such a pork-flavored slab of texturized vegetable protein! Dude, who says a burger = a fat ass. Plenty of vegetarians are sickly, sallow-eyed and with bad hair. One's choice to be an omnivore or vegetarian is just one decision in how they eat. What one does from that single choice opens up worlds of possibility. Some vegetarians eat well and mind their meals. Many of them just eat crap and ride the moral high ground because they find themselves superior to omnivores. Tell me, FM, you're not one of them.

(Secretly, FM, I really do think you're morally superior. But for all those -- what is it? -- three (?) Anons who like to pontificate that *all* the local bloggers are in cahoots and think the same way, I gotta create some tension between us now and again. Capiche? We're cool, right? Like, I could still come over to your house and drink some organic goat milk with you like that, right? Shhhh....)

So, take your TVP and stuff it, Freemarket. Meat and fat don't make people fat. Bad icky carbs (the stuff silly vegetarians and silly omnivores, alike, consume en masse) do a dern good job of that.

Fatburger-eaters of Columbia unite while sitting on our individual asses of various sizes!

Anonymous said...

Disagreeing on meal choices is not what was meant by the comment on a dearth of deliberation from blog hosts.

Also, not everything is related to generational category-that's getting to be a tired *old* yawner. There are other categories that are far more weighty behavior determinants.

But it was a funny piece. There's your saving grace.

Freemarket said...

Actually, Jessie, I am a pig all the time, but don’t try and eat me :-). The choice to be vegetarian or a flesh eater is not just about what to eat. It is also a choice about how cruel you want to be animals and what kind of impact you want to make on the environment.

Furthermore, we should not associate having a healthy diet with being a either a vegetarian or a flesh eater. That is the same logical fallacy that Kirk Cameron makes when he associates being an atheist with having a complete lack of morals. No one would claim, for example, that eating cheese all day is healthy even though it is vegetarian. I doubt anyone would seriously make the case that a fat burger from Fatburger is healthy.

More importantly, the name “Fatburger” is terrible for a restaurant. Names are important. There is a good reason why you will never meet a hooker named “Maude”.

HowChow said...

Fatburger is open. Definitely worth the visit, and the vegetarians can get a Boca burger if you want. (But why would you when you eat Mango Grove instead?)


HowChow said...

You know, Jessie *says* she supports Fatburger, but it's not listed on Hoco Loco Girl. ;-)

HocoLoco Girl said...

Excellent point, HowChow. HocoLoco Girl has now addressed that gap.

JessieX said...

You make me laugh, Freemarket. You make me smile. And it looks like you really are morally superior after all. ;-)