Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meanwhile, Over in Elkridge…

This past Monday I found myself over by the eastern border of the county near my former office in Hanover. Since we moved the office to Columbia last March I hadn’t traveled back much to my old stomping ground.

When we first located in Hanover about eleven years ago we would often frequent Joe Theisman’s restaurant next to the Best Western Hotel on Dorsey Road in Elkridge. It was the best place in that area for a business lunch and for after work cocktails. A few years back, Joe Theisman’s closed this location and the House of Welch took over the space. The place went steadily downhill and we soon took our clients and our business elsewhere. The restaurant eventually closed.

When I drove by on Monday there was a liquor hearing notice on the door. The new place will be called The Stained Glass Pub. Judging from the progress the construction crews were making I expect that they will open sometime later this fall.


Anonymous said...

If it's related to "The Stained Glass Pub" in Silver Spring (Four Corners) it will be a great addition to the area. Too bad the location is so crummy.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in the Silver Spring/Glenmont area, the original SGP was a staple, I went to the new place in Eklridge last weekend, out of curiousity (I recently moved to Columbia) and was honestly impressed - still the awesone pizza and GREAT TV's for the games. I tried the new food on the menu, and it was great! Hope the new place does well, the staff there are so nice and honestly the food might even be better.