Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Comment about Comments

In the early days of this blog, back in 06, I used to participate in the conversation in the comments section much more than I do now. For example, in this old post with 19 total comments, six of them were mine. I haven’t come anywhere near to that level of dialogue in the last six months.

There is a perfectly good explanation of course.

Let me first make it clear that I am happy that anyone feels compelled to post a comment here and I heartily welcome all. As long as it is kept relatively clean and isn’t spam, I won’t delete it. Of course I will remain the sole arbiter of what qualifies as being “relatively clean” but I think I’ve demonstrated a pretty liberal interpretation of that so far.

Comments are what make a blog interesting. It is kind of like talk radio.

This brings me back to my commenting in the comments, when I was actively responding to blog comments I wasn’t posting as much as I am now. The month that I felt compelled to chime in six times on my own post I only wrote a total of six posts. Nowadays I am writing an average of 25 posts month. There had to be a time trade off somewhere.

That is not to say that I’ve given up throwing in a comment here and there. Sometimes the temptation is just way too great.

And while I’m at it, let me also say a word about suggesting stuff for this blog. I welcome suggestions, tips, insider information, and any other stuff that you think folks around here might find interesting. Feel free to send your stuff to