Monday, January 05, 2009

Scene This Week In...

Normally I like to have a story to run with the pictures I post for Scene This Week. This time I don’t. Since we took down and put away all of our holiday décor at home I figured it was time to do the same here. The picture of the Christmas carolers in Ellicott City needed to be put to the curb with the Christmas trees.

With snow and ice in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow it seemed appropriate to post scenes of water…and ice.

Scene this Week in Columbia is a shot of a lightly frozen over Lake Elkhorn in Owen Brown. It was taken this morning.
Scene This Week in Ellicott City is a small waterfall off Bonnie Branch just off Bonnie Branch Road in Ellicott City. There are actually a series of small waterfalls along this stretch road making it one of the most beautiful roads in the county anytime of the year. This photo was taken yesterday.