Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baltimore Examiner to Cease Publication

In yet another sign of the troubled newspaper industry, the owner of the Baltimore Examiner, Clarity Media Group, announced today that the paper will cease publication on Sunday, February 15th.

This comes as no surprise to me. Last year the paper scaled back its free home delivery in Howard County from six days a week to two. Many of those papers went directly from the driveway to the recycling bin.

You read more about the papers demise in this story by Liz Kay in The Sun.


Dave W said...

After being promised by The Baltimore Examiner I was going to get delivery, they never did. Once in a while, I would find one on my sidewalk, but it was so random that it border on being pointless. I also started to make an effort to get it out of the newspaper box near my office in the beginning, but after a while, they would go weeks sometimes without ever refilling box, leaving week-old editions in the box while I knew there were more current versions available.

I was hoping for it to succeed to finally give some balance to the Baltimore Sun, but looks like we will be stuck with a single major paper for Baltimore for a while.

Anonymous said...

Two unrelated sources say that they've seen plats full of Examiner papers never taken off the printers platform heaved into dumpsters.

Looks like they died of distribution complications.

Anonymous said...

No great loss. I tried to get them to STOP delivering to me because the paper was worthless. Most of the stories and editorials made Fox news look liberal.