Monday, January 19, 2009

Scene This Week In...

It was a bad week for some birds and a good week for other birds. While the Arizona Cardinals were able to advance to the Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa next month, the Baltimore Ravens will not be their opponent. It was a very good and largely unexpected run for the Ravens this season but it ended yesterday. In New York, a flock of birds brought down a commercial airliner making heroes out of the pilots and crew for an amazing crash landing.

Some birds seem to have a pretty cushy life in Columbia. Peanut and I were sitting in the court area in front of Nordstrom this Saturday when she spotted this little bird fearlessly darting around the tables. While other birds have to deal with the elements and other predators, this little guy has the run of the mall.

Compare that lifestyle with these birds I spotted hanging out in the Patapsco River in Ellicott City.

This cold weather also got me yearning for another group of local birds. It won’t be long before the boys of summer will be heading south for spring training and yet another hopeful season will commence in Baltimore.


Anonymous said...

Re Ravens. Are there any good bars friendly to Steelers fans who might want to watch the Super Bowl with like-minded, enlightened football fans?