Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eat More Fish

I got the urge for rockfish on Tuesday. I told Peanut I’d pick some up for dinner last night so I drove over to Today’s Catch in Wilde Lake Village Green. I was relieved to find them still open for business.

That’s no small feat. Right next door to the original Columbia fish market, Columbia’s original grocery store sits empty. Bill Miller, the owner, told me that his business is down. The combination of the departure of Giant and the state of the economy has had a big impact on his traffic but he’s hanging in there.

I first met Bill when he and his former partner opened the original store in Harpers Choice Village Center. Back then, in the late seventies, Today’s Catch even featured a raw bar and served beer. When they later moved to Wilde Lake they got rid of the raw bar.

Bill picked out a couple of nice filets for me and gave me some suggestions for grilling them up. Bills brother goes to the Maryland Wholesale Seafood Market in Jessup every morning around 4:30 AM to pick out the best fish for his store. He’s doing a great job, our rockfish was delicious.

I told Bill that I would be back next week to try the tilapia.


Anonymous said...

The grilled rockfish at Tersguels is out-of-this-world good - too good for words.

Young at Heart said...

I bought some flounder there recently and it was absolutely delicious. Thanks for reminding me to stop by again.