Monday, September 08, 2008

They’re Back on the Streets!

It was shortly after six when the front door bell rang. There, on my porch, stood three fifth graders, all girls. They wore green vests and pretty smiles but they were all business. They were pushing cookies.

Not just any cookies either, we’re talkin’ Girl Scout cookies here.

No, I told them gently. I did not care to hear about this years “new” cookie. I have my favorite’s thank you I told them. Give me four boxes of Tags and two boxes of Thin Mints.

Mama Wordbones bought some too.

The order was placed and we were told we could expect our cookies around the end of October. At such time they’d expect payment. No money, no cookie so to speak. We accepted those terms and, thanking us, they moved on.

Two hours later, while walking the dogs, a third grader approached us. She was wearing a brown vest. Resistance was futile. I went down for another box of Tags and another box of Thin Mints.

I only hope I’m stronger when I encounter other similarly attired young girls in brown and green vests and a serious cookie agenda in front of the grocery stores.


Cookie Monster said...

At least the kids were doing the selling. I can't stand parents who sell that crap at work on behalf of their kids. The whole point is for the girls to sell the cookies.

Anonymous said...

It's awfully hard to say no to a girl scout. It's those big innocent eyes that expect a yes from you.
It really is good training.
Who knows. Some day that girl scout will grow up to be Miss Maryland...just because you couldn't say no to buying her Samoas.
I look forward to them at the grocery stores every year because it's the only time I will break down and eat two whole packages of Samoas at the same time.

mascmom said...

In recent years I have been able to pay them to send the cookies to servicemen and women in Iraq. It has reduced my calorie intake quite a bit! If you get hit up again, ask if they have this option.

wordbones said...

Terrific suggestion!