Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Three Daves of HoCo Blogging

When Dave Kile and I got together to discuss the recent blogging seminar he let slip that he had a blog too.

“I fly fish so it’s a blog about fly fishing,” he told me.

His fellow fly fishers seem to like it as well. Dave gets around 50,000 visits a month to his fly fishing blog.

I am humbled by his numbers and he’s not even the biggest of the three Dave bloggers. That distinction would go to Dave Hobby and his Strobist blog. Dave writes a blog about his passion, flash photography. His blog averages over 300,000 worldwide visits per month and was even recognized by Time magazine as one of the top 25 blogs in the country.

And still another Dave in Columbia, Dave Wissing, writes The Hedgehog Report which covers just about every political poll in the country. Dave’s blog is extremely popular during elections. This past October he had over 100,000 visits.

Of course you won’t get much HoCo loco stuff from these Daves. They have a much more global focus. Still, all three are active in the HoCo blog scene. Dave Kile serves on the HoCo Tech Council, Dave Hobby also maintains a HoCo loco blog called HoCo 360 and Dave Wissing is a regular at the HoCo blogtail parties.
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