Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Sunday

Last night at dinner Mama Wordbones asked me who I was rooting for in the Super Bowl today. I didn't have a ready answer.

After the Ravens were knocked out of contention by their arch rivals I begrudgingly resigned myself to root for the Steelers. They are the AFC champions after all and that is our division.

I even told the hostess of our neighborhood Super Bowl Party that I would cheer for them this year. Danielle is Pittsburgh native and a diehard fan. She even offered to lend me a jersey to wear for the game. I told her that wouldn't be necessary. My support for her team is lukewarm at best and by game time today it may evaporate completely.

I don’t particularly like the Steelers but I really dislike their quarterback. When Haloti Ngata broke his nose back in December, I cheered. I realize that this is a completely juvenile reaction but frankly I don’t care.

Mama Wordbones told me that in her travels around Baltimore this week she had pretty much heard the same thing. For Ravens fans, rooting for the Steelers is akin to rooting for the Redskins. It’s just  not done.

So when the game gets underway this evening I won’t be wearing a Terrible Towel or a cheese head. I will simply be enjoying the company of my neighbors and hoping for a good game of football.
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