Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blowin’ in the Wind

The winds made it sound colder than it was this morning. As I dressed to begin my morning hike I kept it light. I should have also kept it tight. My hooded sweatshirt and warm up pants acted like sails in the wind. The gusts at times were strong enough to completely stop my forward progress.

Still, my body in tight fitting clothes is not something I wanted to subject my neighbors to on an early Saturday morning.

A near miss from a tree limb that came crashing to the street as I passed by reminded me of my main Saturday chore that I needed to tackle when I got home.

Like many other HoCo homeowners, that last heavy snow we had on February 5th wreaked havoc on some of the trees in our yard. Today was the day to saw off the damaged limbs so that the restorative process could begin.

It actually felt good to get and do some work in the yard, a real harbinger of the approach of spring.

I experienced another “spring” moment when I came back inside.  As I was working at my laptop in the kitchen, a stink bug dropped on my head. This reminded me of the quote from Eric the Red on Frank Roylance’s Maryland Weather blog in The Sun yesterday.

"The only other time I've seen a wind field like this in the models were last year's Feb blizzards and also with tropical storms. Things is gonna be a'blowin folks. Maybe it'll blow all the stink bugs into the Atlantic. One can only hope."

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