Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bean Sprouts, Record Breaking, & Sex

If you happen to have a package of locally packaged bean sprouts in your fridge you might want to give them a toss. According to this story by Liz F. Kay in The Sun, Woodbine based Vegi-Pak Farm was shut down by state inspectors that “found equipment coated in food waste and a fly infestation inside the facility in September. In addition, workers were not adequately washing and cleaning the soybeans, and reported they were instructed by the company president to fabricate disinfection records, according to the complaint.”

BWI Thurgood Marshall International Airport continues to rack up passenger traffic growth records. According to Dr. Gridlock in The Washington Post, the airport had a record year last year. “More than 21.9 million commercial passengers flew through the airport last year. That's an increase of 4.7 percent over 2009 and eclipses the previous record of just over 21 million set in 2007.”

I received a tip from a commenter this weekend that the woman who brought down Representative Chris "Craigslist"  Lee last week is a HoCo resident. Yesha Callahan, who also went public last week, lives in Columbia. This reminded me of another former Columbia resident that found herself in the middle of a national political sex scandal, Linda Tripp
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