Saturday, July 11, 2009

Silencing Bambi

When I purchased my truck five years ago part of what closed the deal was the built-in DVD player with wireless headphones. Peanut was six at the time and, like many kids that age, she never tired of watching the same DVD over and over again.

Unfortunately, she didn’t take at all to wearing the headphones. They sat unused in the rear utility compartment. Occasionally I’d attempt to reintroduce her to the headphone concept only to be continually rebuffed. I kept the batteries fresh just in case.

Yesterday, as we drove out to run some errands, Peanut pulled out the Bambi DVD and I drew the line. No headphones. No Bambi.

Surprisingly, she acquiesced. Bambi was silenced and I drove in peace thanking the marketing person who thought wireless headphones for car DVD players would be a good idea.