Friday, July 17, 2009

120,000 Jobs

According to this story by V. Dion Haynes in The Washington Post today, the Partnership for Public Service “estimates that that the government will hire about 600,000 people over the next four years, as many as 120,000 of whom would work in the Washington region”

“From May 2008 to May 2009, the region lost 55,000 jobs. But during that same period, nearly 20,000 jobs were created, mainly in the federal government and federal contracting sector. Some analysts say they expect the net job losses by the end of the year to disappear, becoming a net gain of 10,000 jobs.”

This region may not exactly be recession-proof but thanks to Uncle Sam we’re much better off than most areas of the country.


Bob O said...

Good coverage on the intesection panhandlers, and you do make the excellent point that Howard County benefits massively by its proximity to Federal installations. BRAC be praised!

Quick question: I signed a petition against red light cameras in Howard County a couple of months ago. Any updates on that? I just came across this article ( ), which is quite good, regarding DC and Montgomery County red light cameras, and I blogged about it here:

Pretty interesting stuff! Let me know if you have anything.

SH said...

Came here from howchow and this is a great 'hyperlocal' site! I'm flipping through older entries.

Related to the economy, though only tangentially so, I wonder if you know that Howard County has stopped free recycling to apartment complexes due to budget cuts? Granted, it's to businesses in general, which apartment complexes fall under, but at the same time, we're Howard County residents as well, even though we rent. And the property taxes are wrapped up in our rent somehow. How does it work for folks in single-family homes or townhouses? Do you pay extra for recycling? Is it funded through property taxes? Am I wrong to be annoyed?

Now we drive our recycling out to Alpha Ridge, which requires a special trip as it's out of our way 99% of the time.

PZGURU said...

Expanding and growing the government sector is NEVER a positive thing! Those jobs have to be paid for with tax dollars, which come from we citizens. So the fed is going to end up raising our taxes to pay for these jobs. Not good!