Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Signal for the Newest New Cut

Last night at the county council meeting, Councilperson Courtney Watson announced that the State Highway Administration had approved a new traffic signal for the intersection of the new alignment of New Cut Road and Montgomery Road (Route 103) in Ellicott City.

New Cut Road was realigned with the construction of the new Glen Mar United Methodist church. The old New Cut Road has been renamed Baugher Farm Road and is now restricted to right turns only from Route 103.

The new signal is expected to operational next spring.

While many will applaud this new traffic control device there will undoubtedly be some grousing about yet another traffic light on Montgomery Road.


Freemarket said...

From your tweet over on the sidebar, you seem critical of HCCA's stance on the Glen Mar UM church bonds. Why? I think they were making sense on this particular issue.

wordbones said...


I was more amused with their description of being "distressed" with the bond issue.

As for the bond issue itself I don't have a particular problem with it. While I can appreciate the whole separation of church and state argument I don't think the church should be treated any differently from any other non profit just because they are a church.


Freemarket said...

I agree with you. However, I take the approach that the whole concept of a public bond issue to benefit a private entity is bunk. I don't want to see the church get a bond issue any more than I want to see a secular non-profit get a bond issue.

Anonymous said...

HCCA does seem to get very easily excited.

They often send emails saying things like, "I haven't verified this and don't know it to be the case, but, I heard that (insert anything unpleasant about a person or government entity) and this is alarming or distressing, or disrespectful, or any inflamatory word."

As a citizen's organization, don't they have any desire to verify BEFORE they post something on a listserve?

Anonymous said...

Freemarket 2:18
That is a much more resonable argument than your conspiricy theory argument on your blog. Glad you posted here so I don't have to post on your site.

Freemarket said...

Anon 2:23- not sure why you are so afraid of me nor why you think I care what you have to say, but it would be easier for me to track your IP address here since there is a sitemeter. I don't use any of that stuff on my blog.