Monday, July 27, 2009

Lakefront Table Games

On my way to meet a colleague for lunch at Clyde’s today I noticed that the outdoor tables had been moved.
They were relocated to the lakefront gazebo where Clyde’s hosts after work parties during the warm months.Is this a permanent change?

Not quite. It turns out that the liquor license for the space adjacent to the restaurant was never “extended” and therefore the restaurant was compelled by the Liquor Board to move this operation to the gazebo space where they still had an active license.

The move is temporary. According to Billy, one of the restaurant managers, the tables will return around August 12th…if all goes well that is.


Freemarket said...

Wow. That's a pretty stupid law that would basically make them move the tables 50 feet toward the lake. I feel so much more protected from the ills of alcohol.

So many of our laws are little more than theater that we are forced to play along with.

Bob O said...

Can people smoke tobacco in either of these spaces? Or has the nanny state intervened?

Have you ever noticed that obese people don't smoke?


Just a thought.