Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rocky Gap Road Trip Part One

Yesterday Mama Wordbones and I loaded up the bikes and headed out to western Maryland for a getaway weekend at Rocky Gap. Ever since our state tax dollars built this mountain lodge resort in 1998 I’ve wanted to check it out.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and soon after we headed out on our bikes for the Lakeside Loop Trail, a 4.7 mile trail around the 243 acre Lake Habeeb. We figured it would make a nice leisurely ride before cocktail hour.

We figured wrong. When we arrived back at the lodge an hour later we were exhausted.

This morning we learned that the Lakeside Loop trail is rated moderate to difficult for mountain biking.

It was really quite pretty though.


Bob O said...

Yep, it's beautiful. I have not been there since the early nineties. How's the lodge?

Freemarket said...

I love the link for "tax dollars"!