Friday, November 07, 2008

Big Boy Toy Store Closing

According to this story in the Business section of yesterday’s Washington Post, high end electronics retailer Tweeter is closing all of their stores including the one in Dobbin Center in Columbia.

This is becoming an all too familiar story in these tough economic times.


Anonymous said...

And businesses like Harris Teeter that do want to come to Howard County, bring jobs and economic growth with them, are often opposed by so called "citizen activists".

Anonymous said...

I would like to visit a Harris Teeter, and would like to have one in the next neighborhood (but not in my backyard!)

The reality is that a Turf Valley HT would shut down the Weis in Waverly and I'd have to spend more on groceries which would really scar my meticulous budget.

Additionally, the Weis has trouble finding people to fill the jobs now.

Reality sucks. In fact, it sucks so much that some people would rather not notice reality.

Scott said...

quite frankly... i think their closing is more from a dated business model than the economic downturn... though.. i'm sure it isn't helping..

in today's age of online stores and educated consumers.. especially in high end electronics...stores like Tweeter are over priced.

JessieX said...

WB, I think this "closings" section is a most-interesting and valuable category to have in your blog. In time, perhaps, you'll become the point person of sorts for closings, offering a log of businesses (mostly retail, oui?) that close. Quite a log and interesting story that could become, en toto.