Thursday, November 20, 2008

At Least the Lawyers are Making Money

The seemingly never ending saga of WCI’s proposed luxury condominium tower in Town Center continues. Despite the facts that the sales center has closed, the deposits returned and the website taken down, the lawyers for the developer have continued to press their case against the legal standing of the towers litigious opposition.

According to this story by Larry Carson in The Sun today, “the Court of Appeals announced last week that it has agreed to examine the lower court decision, which determined that a plaintiff who lives in a condominium next to the tower site has legal standing.”

Although it remains questionable as to whether WCI will actually build this building it does make sense for them to continue to defend their right to build it. A property is worth more with the entitlement to build in place than it would be with a legal issue left unresolved.

In this way, WCI is in the same boat as GGP with its request for zoning changes in Town Center.

So while the steel erectors, architects, and real estate agents wait for an actual building and a better economy, at least the lawyers can make a few bucks with a proposed building and a bad economy.


Anonymous said...

Out of consideration for your readers, I can't let you push the envelope right over the edge.

Litigious tower opponents? You are kidding, right?

You're assuming that readers are thoroughly disconnected from facts, and counting on the single minded bulldogs to bark back when someone calls you on the glaring mis, mis, mis what? misinterpretation (too vague), misunderstanding (too mild), misinformation? Wild misinformation.

Anyone with internet access can look to the link below, type in any developer's name and find out who is really litigious keeping in mind that WCI Real Estate company is not based in Maryland:

What you've claimed here has no factual support whatever.

Anonymous said...

yes- WB- why in the world would you call the opponents, one of whom doesn't even live in the same village or heck, on CPRA assessed land for that matter, litigious? an outrage indeed!