Monday, November 03, 2008

He Makes It Sound So Easy

Once again Alan Klein shows his depth of understanding of an issue. In an article by Jonathan Pitts in The Sun yesterday, Alan demonstrated a keen sense of the Central Library issue in Town Center.

Instead of embracing a plan that could transform an overcrowded functionally obsolescent facility with a world class center of learning modeled on the groundbreaking Cerritos Millennial library, Alan and his CoFoDoCo adherents have opted to lecture us on sustainability.

“"The first rule of sustainability is 'use what you've got,'" Klein said. "Let's put our good ideas into the library we have."”

And just how does CoFoDoCo suggest we do that?

Let’s say for a moment that we could figure a way to incorporate the current building into the type of facility that GGP envisions. The current library building is maybe 25,000 square feet. The type of library that GGP is talking about would require a building of about 90,000 square feet. It would be impossible to put a building that size at the current library location. It just won’t fit.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry WB, but I think you miss the point to Mr.Klein's argument. He doesn't want change. I wonder if he's voting in the current election since both candidates are advocating change. Sustainability is keeping everything the way it is...correct? Perhaps he wants the GGP plan to be negotiated.. Let's decrease the current footprint of the library to 1000 sq ft, minimizing the use of land, and allowing more trees to sustain the Merriwether park area. Then we can have a 90 story library with superelevators and a tower from which our children and see the Washington Monument in Baltimore and DC at the same time.
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Alan makes great points, and further, he isn't working an agenda that will hood-wink residents, provide a bail-out for GGP, and leave taxpayers in the lurch.

Alan is just the type of leader we should be recruiting to elected office.

Anonymous said...

And Chamber types are all for capitalism until the business fails. Then they aggressively pursue selective socialism. Disgraceful, and appalling.