Friday, April 12, 2013

Lt. Governor Watson?

Maryland Juice, a widely read Maryland political blog, has suggested that Courtney Watson is on Anthony Browns short list for lieutenant governor in his 2014 gubernatorial bid. According to this post by David Moon, Courtney’s name is among eight that have been mentioned “by knowledgeable sources, and at least some of them appear to be going through some level of vetting.”

I should note that Ken Ulmans name is also among the eight mentioned but most political watchers widely dismiss the notion of Ken playing second fiddle to the guv. As Roger Caplan is fond of saying “I don’t see Ken holding a clipboard for anyone.”

Most HoCo loco politico watchers would also dismiss Courtney as a serious prospect for backup quarterback given her expected run for county exec in 2014. Even David seems to acknowledge this pointing out that it is “unclear whether she would be willing to abandon her campaign for an unplanned run for LG.”

Indeed. Still, if you're Courtney it still has to feel good to see your name on the list.
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