Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Fire Drill

When I stopped in the Old Mill Bakery and Café for coffee this morning they were debating whether to call 911. From their parking lot you could see the black smoke rising from the hill above Ellicott City.

“It’s just a fire department exercise,” I informed them.

“It would have been nice if someone had told us,” one of the clerks replied.

Actually I thought Howard County had done a pretty decent job getting the word out, at least in my neighborhood. Even before I drove past the action on Weavers Court I knew what was going on. Earlier in the week I received alerts from both my community email list and from Notify Me Howard.

“That figures,” she said, “we’re in Baltimore County and they don’t tell us anything.”

Such is life in a bordertown.

Later in the day I drove past the controlled burn again but this time the fires were out and the trainees were busy rolling up hoses and packing up their gear.

Andrew Metcalf with Patch reported from the scene.
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