Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Initially I pined for the day that the iPhone might become available on Verizon. Back in 2009, when Apple’s revolutionary phone hit the market you had to be on the AT&T network to use it, legally anyway. Like many, I decided to stick it out and hope for the day when it might become available on Verizon.

While I was waiting Android phones started getting better and better. I actually passed up the first opportunity I had to get a Verizon iPhone opting instead to stick with my Motorola Droid X which I’ve kept long past its useful life. I figured I’d probably just stick with an Android phone when it came time to replace it. Some people were even saying that Samsung's new Galaxy phones are superior to the iPhone.

And then I got an iPad. The iPad with the CoStarGo product is the most powerful tool in commercial real estate. It’s not available on the Android operating system. No iPad, no CoStarGo.

This is when I learned that Apple doesn't play well with others. My Android phone and my iPad had communication issues.

What finally pushed me over the edge though, was how easily the iPhone worked with our Microsoft servers. Last week as we transitioned into our new offices I could not get my phone to sync my email but I noticed that the people in the office who had iPhones experienced no trouble.

The next morning I was at the Verizon store picking up the iPhone 5.

Can you love a phone?

Perhaps it’s just that initial passion you get at the beginning of a relationship but I have to admit that I sometimes just like to hold my new i5. As David Poque points out in this column in The New York Times, the iPhone 5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world “just under four ounces; it disappears completely in your pocket. This iPhone is so light, tall and flat, it’s well on its way to becoming a bookmark.” 

Its beauty is matched by its elegant performance. It’s rather fast too.

 "The iPhone 5 is now a 4G LTE phone, meaning that in certain lucky cities, you get wicked-fast Internet connections."

When I returned to the office I was able to sync with our servers on the first try. Smugness ensued.

And the best part, it gets along very well with my iPad.

I think I'm becoming a fanboy.
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