Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kimco QR Fail

This afternoon I spotted this QR code stuck to one of the windows of the former Produce Galore space in the Wilde Lake Village Center. I was curious to see if it would enlighten me about the progress that Kimco is making on the redevelopment of the center. I whipped my i5 and gave it a quick scan.

The following message immediately appeared on my phone:

The Marketing Package for the selected site was not found. Possible reasons include:
  • The site reference ID is incorrect, invalid or no longer in use
  • The site has been sold or removed
  • Documentation is not available
I scanned it again just to make sure. Same message.
It’s obvious that something is about to get cooking besides fast food at the old village center. There is now a stockade construction fence surrounding the former KFC building and there's an asbestos removal notice taped to another storefront window.

Maybe I should have asked Siri what was going on.
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