Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Fever

The blog has slipped down my priority list lately. It’s not that I don’t have the time is just that I've chosen to spend that time differently. For instance, Mama Wordbones and I spent the last five weeks binge watching Homeland. We had both heard people rave about this series so when FiOS gave us two months of Showtime for a free trial we decided to check it out. We were hooked on the first episode.

Work has cramped my blogging time as well. In case you hadn't noticed, commercial real estate in HoCo is becoming red hot. I've lost count of the number of projects underway; Whole Foods, Clyde’s, Merrill Lynch building, the Metropolitan, The Mall expansion, Wilde Lake Village Center. There is more to come too, with at least two more projects being announced in downtown Columbia alone before the summer is over.

If its any consolation, I've at least been thinking about posts for To2C. One of the topics that has started germinating in my twisted mind is the dynamics life in HoCo’s largest business park, Columbia Gateway. It’s really another Columbia village of sorts. People may not live in Gateway but a very large population spends the better part of each work day within its bounds.

How many?

The National Association of Industrial and Office Parks recently concluded that the average US worker occupies 176 square feet of office space. Columbia Gateway has 4,185,941 square feet of office space so that would work out to 23,782.1 people. That doesn't include those who work in buildings that aren't classified as office, which would include most single story buildings in the park.

That’s a lot of people, the majority of which will never have the chance to interact with each other within their corporate village.

Maybe we can change that. My colleague TW often quips about Colonel Gateway in reference to the state highway signs leading to the entrance off of 175 that reads “Col Gateway Drive.”

Maybe we can create a fictional character called Colonel Gateway and throw a big birthday party for his fictional birthday.

I’m thinking April 1st would be the perfect fit.
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