Monday, April 22, 2013

Comedy is Hard

This weekend, the 2nd annual Spring Celebration in Ellicott City featured four comedy acts in addition to a wide assortment of bands on three stages. I was able to catch partial performances of two of them; Michael Freidman at the Tiber Park stage and an act called SM Stefano Stratakis at the Wine Bin stage.

I came to the conclusion that grassroots loco comedy is hard. Just because someone tells you that you are funny doesn't necessarily mean that funniness translates into a successful stand up act. Both of these acts struggled to elicit any kind of audience reaction. As a few people pointed out, all successful comedians likely started out this way. I couldn't help but think that this is a very hard road to travel.
Other than the comedy acts, you’d have to call the Spring Celebration a big success. The weather was perfect and the crowds turned out. Dave Carney told me that the ECBA is working on a summer festival too, most likely to occur in mid July.

You can see additional pictures of Saturdays’ event here.
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