Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Election Forecasting

The almost daily release of polls on the presidential contest provide continual fodder for political debate. Political junkies like me eat this stuff up up and for longtime HoCo blogger Dave Wissing this is high season. The Hedgehog Report has posted the results of five polls already today and his readership is souring. A year go his monthly site visits were just shy of 40,000. This month they've already exceeded 110,000.

This morning, while digging around for post debate data, I discovered Nate Silvers FiveThiryEight Forecast blog in The New York Times. If you enjoy reading Hedgehogs daily poll postings you’ll love Nate's daily breakdowns of Electoral Votes, Chances of Winning, Popular Vote, State by State Probabilities, Electoral Vote Distribution, Tipping Point States, Return on Investment and more.

He covers the Senate races too.

All in all, good stuff.
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