Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dead Pearl

A little over two years ago, on a podcast with HowChow, Paul and I quipped about the long term prospects of the Red Pearl in Columbia Town Center. At that time the new Asian restaurant was only the latest in a long list of food establishment to occupy the space. We noted that while the other lakefront restaurants, Tomato Palace, Clyde's and Sushi Sono, thrived, the occupants of this particular space kept failing.

We dubbed it the curse of the Red Pearl.

It now appears that the curse has finally taken down its namesake. Today a locksmith arrived to change the locks. Looking in the windows I saw that many of the tables had been removed.

Despite its legacy, the space may not stay dark for long. Sources tell me that a deal is in the works for a new place. Perhaps the landlord should contract with Miss Rudolph first.

Stay tuned. 
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