Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frankenstorm: River Watchers

This morning I drove down to Main Street to see how the old town fared last night. After parking in the Old Mill Bakery Café parking lot I walked across the bridge to check out the river.

It was a popular spot. While I was there a steady stream of folks came by to take pictures and videos of the raging waters. This is what they saw.

Unlike yesterday, the Old Bakery Café was closed. Fortunately I saw on facebook this morning that Bean Hollow was open so I grabbed a cup of coffee before heading back up the hill.

People were taking pictures of the water in Columbia too. Fellow HoCo blogger, Clayton, sent me this picture of the Town Center lakefront from this morning. He also noted that “Clyde's and Lakeside Roastery both were open yesterday morning, but not today.”
Thanks Clayton.

Last night we lost power at 8:34 PM but much to our surprise it came back on at 9:20 PM. I salute the men in the yellow slickers and hardhats who labored through the evening to keep the juices flowing. As was pointed out earlier by Marshmallow Man, the Derecho storm this summer may have actually mitigated the damage from Sandy. That storm did a good job of clearing out much of the rotted limbs and weak trees before Frankenstorm arrived.

At WSw it is calm right now. The lowest pressure recorded during the storm was 28.21 inHg at 11:16 PM last night. Right now it has risen back to 28.95 inHg and is headed back up.

Today, life slowly returns to normal.

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