Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bandit Signs

New home builders refer to them as bandit signs; those signs that pop up every weekend in the right of ways promoting new housing developments. By local sign code they are allowed to remain up over the weekend but must be taken down by Monday or the county will take matters into their own hands.

In election season they are simply illegal signs yet seemingly every candidate, is guilty of this transgression. It’s okay to place signs on private property, with the property owners permission, but not in the public right of way. Enforcement is lax however, which only further serves to encourage  the practice.

Today I spotted a certain school board candidate who is really thumbing her nose at the regulations. Passing by Oakland Mills High School this morning I saw a line of her signs all along the road directly in front of the school.
While I think this says a good deal about the behavior of the candidate, I also think the school system should be ashamed for tolerating it.

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