Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm: Stormy Monday

Though the streets are fairly empty not everyone is enjoying the luxury of staying home as Frankenstorm begins to bear down us. In addition to the usual suspects of emergency and medical folks, there are road crews and retailers on the job as well.

At 9:30 AM the Dunkin Donuts on Montgomery Road was open. “We’ll probably close around 2 PM,” Peter told me.

The majority of loco retailers didn't even bother with an abbreviated day. The Mall was open at 10:30 AM but none of the stores were.

 Walgreen's in Columbia and Rite-Aid in Ellicott City were open early this afternoon. The cashier at Walgreen's said she wasn't sure when they’d be closing.

Driving through Ellicott City I noted that The Wine Bin, Phoenix and the Old Mill Bakery Café were all open. Some closed stores had windows boarded up, others has sandbags blocking the doorways. HoCo road crews were blocking off Parking lots A&B, along the Patapsco River.

In addition to the rain, some loco roads are also covered in leaves making traction a little dicey in certain spots. 
It’s starting to get a nasty out there. WSw has started registering wind gusts up to 14 mph with sustained winds around 8 mph. The temperature has dropped to 48.2 degrees with the added wind chill it’s 38.3 degrees. Relative pressure is now 28.89 and still heading south. The WSw rainfall monitor doesn't seem to be working. It is showing 0.00 rainfall so far and any fool could see that aint right.

It’s only going to get worse. Around six tonight, Foots forecasters tell us to expect sustained winds of 40 to 60 mph. From nine to midnight that element of Frankenstorm ratchets up to “occasional gusts to Hurricane Force (~74 mph).”

HCPSS has announced that schools will be closed tomorrow too.

They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesdays just as bad…
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