Thursday, February 09, 2012

Show Me a Sign

Three curious sets of banners appeared on lighting poles in the parking lot of the Howard Hughes Building in Town Center today. One set read “Natural” and “Organic.”
Another set read “Local” and “Value.”
The third set read “Fresh” and “Quality.”
I don’t know about you but this sure looks like something you’d put up for a specialty grocer, in particular a specialty grocer who also happens to use the colors of green and white.

John DeWolf, Senior Vice President of the Howard Hughes Corporation, released this statement this afternnon.

“The banners attempt to demonstrate the potential for alternative uses for the building and its associated parking areas beyond simply an office use. All of this remains “hypothetical” and “prospective” at this point. And, we may do more experimenting in the near future. Hopefully, soon we can announce with great certainty some results from all this effort.”

Okay. I feel a little better about things now. Yesterday I became a bit concerned when I received an email from HowChow. He wrote that in Whole Foods latest quarterly earnings press release they listed eight new leases, none of which were in Maryland, much less HoCo. “They won’t announce more stores for three months,” he added.

That may be so but judging by what’s going on in the parking lot, its safe to say that something is going on.
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