Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Genius is Relative

The best way to integrate a new piece of equipment like an iPad into your established digitized world is to simply replace everything thing else at the same time. Should you actually be in the position to do that, you might as well go all Apple. That will be the simplest way to have all of your little devices chirping along on the same sheet of music.

I don’t have this luxury. We don’t even have an IT department at work. We have a guy who basically keeps our server going and sells us new laptops every three years or so but that’s pretty much it. I last saw him sometime around Thanksgiving.

He probably wouldn’t have been much help with our iPad issues anyway. He’s no Apple fanboy.

I say our because the other guys in the office are kind of waiting on me to figure everything out first. I'm the guinea pig.

I figured I was covered on the Apple side. I mean we have our very own Genius Bar, right here in HoCo. I made an appointment.

I suppose that if my issue had involved getting two Apple devices to make nice with each other, my assigned genius would have awed me with his technological prowess. Unfortunately my problem involved devices and software from that other company which seemed to vex my genius. I was not awed.

After fiddling around with both machines he pronounced the problem resolved. The problem was not resolved.

I’m back on my own.
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