Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chocolate Wine

Friday night, while shopping for wine at The Wine Bin in Ellicott City, Mama Wordbones discovered a selection of “chocolate” wines. Though the concept of a chocolate flavored wine did not appeal to me at all, she was intrigued. She asked Dave Carney to let her know if he ever planned to offer tastings of these after dinner wines.

“No,” he replied, “but take this bottle home and let me know what you think.”

He handed us a bottle of Chocolate Zin from the St. Michaels Winery on the eastern shore.

I suggested that in return, we’d write a short review. Mama Wordbones would taste and I’d report, just in time for Valentines Day too.

She liked it.

I should note here that Mama Wordbones enjoys an occasional glass of port. She is more amenable to the concept of specialty cocktails than I am. For me, an after dinner drink is another glass of what I was having for dinner. I took a sip and found it to interesting but not something I would otherwise order. This is hardly surprising; women in general seem to have a special relationship with chocolate that most men lack.
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