Monday, February 27, 2012

Breaking Wind

Count me among those who believe that Governor O’Malley’s proposed wind farm is a bad idea. Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney is in the pro wind farm camp and this weekend he made his case for it in this column. He claims that the wind farm will “create more than 1,000 new manufacturing jobs and put Maryland on the ground floor of a new industry with great potential.”

“In Annapolis, the lure that could tip the balance for wind power is the chance of starting an industry to sell concrete foundations, steel towers and blades, and power cables for wind farms up and down the Atlantic seaboard.”


I’m not seeing that and even McCartney seems to contradict this claim by pointing out that western Europe is already fifteen years of us in wind power development.

Denmark and Germany started first and now are benefiting by selling equipment to Britain and other latecomers.”

So wouldn’t Maryland be one of those “latecomers” too?
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