Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ken and the Bloggers

When HoCo loco blogger TJ Mayotte interviewed Ken Ulman last month for Elkridge Patch, he asked Ken if he read the local blogs. “Generally, I’m aware of what’s being said online...I’m big on social media.”

He was seemed to be very familiar with at least one blog today. After the chamber luncheon this afternoon I congratulated him on his elevation to the top tier of 2014 gubernatorial prospects. He mentioned that this week he was also recognized by another blogger, Todd Eberly, as being among the top four hopefuls, with Gansler, Franchot, and Brown.

Todd is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at St. Mary’s College and writes The FreeStater Blog. Here is some of what he had to say about Ken:

“Ulman cannot easily be defined as liberal or conservative - he is, dare I say, post-partisan. Even as he criticized the Governor's budget, he has been lauded for the county's innovative health reform efforts and Ulman was central to the state's receipt of a federal grant to bring broadband to the state.”

I can imagine that some HoCo loco’s will take issue with the “post-partisan” label.

Eberly believes that in a four way primary battle the key will be “the candidate who can appeal to rural Marylanders in Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and Southern Maryland - that candidate is not (at least not yet) Doug Gansler.”

Good luck with that Ken. That’s Repub country.
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