Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Good Start

There could not possibly be a better way to begin the worst month of the year than today. Sunny with temperatures in the mid sixties on the first day of February is about as rare as a Republican in District 2.

 The arrival of February is actually a double edged sword weatherwise. On the one hand, it is the last full month of winter. You can almost smell spring from here, especially today. On the other hand, it is winters last chance to really mess with us. Sure, we can get snow in March but that’s rare. February however, is the month when the really big snows seem to hit. I'm talking big like Big Kahuna big.

Not today though. Today was like a free sample of days to come. In many places it actually felt warmer outside for a change.

I tried to spend as little of the day inside as possible. I hope you did too. Tomorrow February will begin to regain its balance and by the weekend we’ll be back in the mid forties.

Still not a bad start for February. 
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