Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reading, Redistricting, and Puppies

The problem with having a really good show is the expectation it raises for the next show. Our podcast with Chris Oxenham and Roger Caplan on January 27th turned out to be one of the more popular shows we’ve done so far and we really wanted to build on that. Unfortunately, due to a schedule accommodation with our next guest, we ended up not having anyone lined up for Friday as of last Monday.

Paul and I discussed simply cancelling this week’s show. Dave, thought we were giving up too easily. “There are plenty of people you guys could have on,” he suggested. That's the type of thing producers do, keep the show moving.

Dave pointed out that there were two big annual fundraisers coming up in HoCo, Evening in the Stacks next weekend and The Chocolate Ball on March 3rd. Why not have someone come on and talk about them?

He was right of course and we ended up having a another fun show.

We decided to go with the library fundraiser since it was coming up next weekend. By the end of the day Monday, Christie Lassen, the Director of Public Relations for the library, had agreed to join us to talk about her event and the new Miller Branch library.

Another reason to go ahead with the show was the abundance of loco news stories since the last show, including the highly charged Board of Education meeting the night before the podcast.

I also found out that that Paul’s family dog, Bailey, came from an out of state breeder and was “flown in” when they got her. I’ve heard of people driving to another state to pick up a dog but Paul is the only person I know who’s ever had their puppy flown in. Consequently he had some pretty strong opinions about the protests against Charm City Puppies.

You can listen to the 59th episode of “and there’s that…” here.
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