Friday, December 19, 2008

Still Chilin’

Surprisingly I’ve kept pretty close to my schedule today. I went to The Mall after I posted this morning. At 10:30 AM the place was fairly empty. I stopped in the LL Bean store to do some quick Christmas shopping. As I was leaving I noticed some folks setting up the gift wrap tables in the front of the store. I suspected they were volunteers for a charity of some sort.

They were.

I should note here that I am lousy at wrapping packages. When I was much younger I used to cajole my sister Kelly into wrapping my presents for me. Now I search out gift wrap stations. I had eyed up this particular gift wrap station when I first walked into the store.

It turns out these particular volunteers were gift wrapping on behalf of Boy Scout Troop 361 in Columbia. From left to right in this photo are Gavin Watson, Barbara Watson, Lisa Ray and Barb King. Gavin and Barbara are from Ellicott City and Lisa and Barb are from Columbia. They did a fabulous job with my packages.

I think LL Bean gives the charity a donation in return for the volunteers staffing the gift wrap station. They also take tips.

From The Mall it was off to Lilys Mexican Market on Dobbin Road. It is nice that we have specialty grocers like Lily’s around here. Some things you just can’t get at Harris Teeter.

From Lily’s it was a quick jaunt over to Trader Joes. TJ’s was rocking at 11:30 AM but as always they move the lines pretty well so I was back home to begin my chili cooking by 12:30 PM, only a half hour behind.

The pot now sits on the oven, simmering away. In about an hour it will be time to add the final ingredients. I’ve even had time to clean up the kitchen before Mama Wordbones gets home.