Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Holiday Card Story

My friend Kim sent me a nice card yesterday. Along with her card she included a little note about her visit to her local post office. While there, she decided to purchase holiday appropriate stamps for her Christmas cards. Christmas cards are Christmas cards to Kim. They are not “holiday” cards. Not overtly religious or anything just a simple statement of faith.

Allow me to give you a general idea of who Kim is. Kim is just a little younger than me. She’s raised a fine young lad, who has given her grandchildren. Soon Kim, her husband Fred and their yellow Labrador, Termite, will be headed off to the Florida Keys for the winter. The grandchildren will stay in Maryland.

Kim and I were neighbors once in a place about six miles up the Severn River from Annapolis. She still lives there in good weather. Among the many things we share in common is encroaching blindness. All my life I had 20/20 vision. The day I turned forty three I needed glasses to read a menu in a restaurant. It’s gone downhill since then. I mention this because this is the same fate that has befallen Kim.

So, in Kim’s words, back at the post office, she waits in line, “The holiday stamps were displayed on a poster behind the counter. When it was my turn I quickly gave my directives to mail this (cheapest way) and give me that, (the blue ones looked pretty). As I was waiting for them to print my receipt I took a second look at the pretty blue stamps. What exactly were they?”

Happy Ramadan!