Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Just Not the Same

I like getting Christmas cards. I especially like getting Christmas cards from people I know who include a personal sentence or two.

We send out cards from our office. Real cards. I know it is old school and we seldom include a sentence or two because there are so many to send but we think it is a nice gesture to say thanks to those who you've done business with over the past year.

I got thinking about Christmas (or "Holiday") cards today when I received this email with the subject line "Season's Greetings from Howard County Community College."

Dear Friends –

In support of HCC’s sustainability initiative, this year we have decided to send a holiday card electronically. The card below was designed by HCC staff member, Patricia Quinn.

Now this is a nice card and everything and I do appreciate the sentiment but it just doesn't feel the same as a "real" Christmas card.

I mean, how are we supposed to tape it up with the rest of the cards?

I guess we'll just have to print it out.


macsmom said...

I am having this problem, too. I know that continuing to send Christmas card via snail mail isn't good for the planet, and yet I love getting them, looking at all of them, putting them up around the house...Are we the last generation for whom this will have such a deep meaning?