Thursday, December 04, 2008

In This Months Business Monthly

Some months I struggle to write something that I feel is relevant with an added touch of humor. Weeks before last months deadline I began asking friends and colleagues for ideas and suggestions. It didn’t help that the paper had an earlier deadline than usual because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

None of the suggestions I received provided me with that creative spark I was looking for. A bottle of wine didn’t offer much help this time either though on other occasions this strategy has helped, sort of.

Just as I was floundering around for a topic I ran across a letter to the editor that Barbara Russell sent to The Sun calling for a halt to consideration of General Growth Properties proposed zoning changes for Columbia Town Center. As much as I dislike Barbara and her cockamamie interpretations of what Jim Rouse intended for Columbia I was grateful for the creative spark she provided.

Barbara believes GGP’s plans are irrelevant given their current financial issues. I happen to think that Barbara is irrelevant. Thankfully she no longer serves on the Columbia Council.

You can read this month’s column here.