Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sales Are Humming Along Nicely Now

Last night Mama Wordbones and I were sitting at the outdoor tables at Clyde’s with a couple I’ll refer to as Mary and Ted. I agreed to protect their anonymity in return for sharing a funny story they told us. Mary told us about a recent shopping excursion to Spencer’s Gifts in the Mall in Columbia. She had gone there to pick up some gag gifts for Teds fiftieth birthday party. Spencer’s is a great place for gag gifts.

Apparently it is a good place to shop for other “hard to find” items as well.

As Mary was perusing the aisles of the store she came across a selection of vibrators. She was a little surprised and so when got to the register she said to the sales clerk “I didn’t know y’all carried dildos.”

“Those are personal massagers” the female clerk corrected her. At this point the clerk directed Mary to a display behind the counter of what she described as high end personal massagers and added “We also have these if you are interested.”

Mary asked the clerk how long they have selling these items since she been in the store before and did not recall seeing them.

She was told that when The Rouse Company owned the mall they were not permitted to carry these items. “We used to send customers over to the Arundel Mills store” where there was no restriction on the sale of personal massagers. Once General Growth Properties took over the mall, the restriction was lifted from the Columbia store as well.

“Sales have been very brisk since then,” the clerk said.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Perhaps they will start displaying these items in the fountain area instead of the Range Rovers.