Friday, June 20, 2008

For the Film Buffs Out There

The Columbia Festival of the Arts is hosting an Independent Film Forum this Sunday at the Howard County Central Library. It’s free. More details here.


Mary Kate Murray said...

Thanks Wordbones. Oakland Mills just screened it's last movie in our current Indie Movie Series tonight - Alison Eastwood's Rails and Ties starring Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden. Sorry to tell you after the movie! :) However, there is still next week - The Graduate to kick off our 40th Birthday weekend, and then Free Family movies starting on July 11 running through August 29. And more Indie movies in the Fall/Winter.

And wordbones, I imagine that you could cut quite a fine figure at OM Disco Night next Saturday night. ;) Hope you join us! :)

wordbones said...


Though I once actually owned a Nehru jacket, I am afraid my disco days are behind me now.

That being said, a celebration of OM's 40th birthday is as good a reason as any to dig out those disco shoes.

Thanks for the invite. That night happens to be my date night with my nine (soon to be ten) year old daughter. I'll have to run it by her to see if that is what she would like to do.


Mary Kate Murray said...

Tell her that we'll have karaoke (disco and everything else), a dance and fashion contests with groovy disco ball awards, dance instruction on how to do the hustle, cool retro snacks, Jessie Newburn/Heather Kirk-Davidoff tagging fun, an all-you-can eat Retro candy bar with Poprocks, Razzles, Zotz, 100 Grand Bars, Necco Waffers, & Wonka Bars, and a space for kids with stuff to do if they get tired of boogey-ing with the grown ups.

Also if you wanna hear your fellow blogger Ian Kennedy playing with his Beatles cover band the Fab Five check out OM Fest next Saturday noon-3 in the OM village center courtyard. Free hot dogs, snacks, drinks, and OM birthday cake.

Regardless of whether we see you guys or not, hope you have a fun date night. :)