Saturday, May 31, 2008

Annabell's Closed

As we were strolling through downtown EC last evening I noticed that Annabell’s Wine Bar was closed. It was around 7:00 PM on Friday night. Ordinarily the place would have been hopping by then. Peeking through the windows I saw chairs on top of tables and it looked as the place had not been cleaned from the night before. There were bags of trash on sidewalk outside.

The door was padlocked and a simple sign read “closed.”


jim adams said...

I have good memories of Annabell's, good wine, great cheese.

Guess it is time to move on.

wordbones said...


I too was a big fan of the little place. I wonder what bought on its demise.


Anonymous said...

The last time I was in there, (in the winter) the girl behind the bar was talking about moving to a larger location on Main St.

Scott H said...

SO SO sad. I've talked to a few people and heard a few stories about what happened. Let's face it - the place was packed from Thursday to Sunday and even on Wednesdays. People weren't going because there was no room. I don't think the landlord was willing to help Adam expand, and I bet he couldn't make enough money to make it really worthwhile. It was obvious he loved the place. We'll miss it!!!