Friday, June 20, 2008

Traffic! What Traffic?

An anonymous commenter on my last post (They Just Keep Coming) wrote that it “is impossible to get near Town Center today…” He goes on to argue that Town Center can’t handle any more housing because of the traffic.

I thought of this anonymous commenter as I cruised through Town Center today. Fortunately I had my trusty camera with me so I decided to document the ease of travel this afternoon around 2:00 PM.

In order to somewhat limit my risk exposure from driving and filming, I can only offer these two brief clips. The traffic was moving so well that I wasn’t able to devote much energy to filming if you catch my drift.

This first clip is traveling west on Little Patuxent Parkway towards the Governor Warfield Parkway split.

This second clip is coming down Vantage Point Road to Little Patuxent Parkway.

And speaking of Town Center…

If you are interested in General Growths plans for Town Center, you might want to check out their Town Center website. You can also get to it by clicking the link “Columbia Town Center” under Links of Interest on the right hand side of this here blog. I had not checked it out in awhile and so I was pleasantly surprised to find videos and transcripts of the April 28th public meeting and the other public meetings that GGP has hosted with its various consultants.

In many ways the website is much better than that public meeting. Now you can download the power point presentation that they should have showed that night if everything had been working right.


shw104 said...

Great post.... made me laugh..

i always scratch my head a bit when I hear people complain about traffic in columbia..