Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Scene This Week In...

I’ve been a little remiss in posting new Scene This Week pictures lately. It seemed like I every time I time I set out to take some new shots it was either raining or cloudy. Since my most recent STW pictures were taken on a cloudy day I really wanted to capture a sunny day this time around.

Not that I mind the rain. We still very much need it.

The improvement in the weather brought out the golfers at Fairway Hills Golf Course in Columbia this past Sunday. There was a wait at the driving range as golfers came out in droves to work out the kinks in their game getting ready for the season. The improved weather is good for the ice cream business too. In Howard County that has often meant a trip to Soft Stuff next to the Forest Diner on Route 40. Soft Stuff has been selling ice cream at this location for as long as I have been around here (forty plus years). If you have never ventured out to this outpost of frozen confections you can take it from this old dog that it is well worth the trip.


Mary Kate Murray said...

Love the chocolate dip at Soft Stuff. Love the summer treks there for soft serve. Also love the Forest Diner next door. I always seem to have the same waitress, Bette, who is the best.

Tom said...

I wonder how many college students I sent to college through that tip jar?