Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Musings

It will be a couple of years before Wegman’s opens at 8855 McGaw Road in Columbia. I wonder if anyone will cut the grass before then.

So far this spring, I don’t believe it has been cut once. The building is empty now that HBO is no longer using it for the production of The Wire. I don’t think Wegman’s actually owns the property yet since the tax records still list the owner as Science Fiction, LLC. Science Fiction LLC is owned by Jack Antwerpen, you know, the guy who says “Yes!”

Hey Jack, how about cutting your grass?

And speaking of Wegman’s…

I have been told that the workers at Wegman’s are friendly and helpful. They seem to enjoy their jobs. I have observed the same phenomenon at the new Harris Teeter store in the Kings Contrivance Village Center and the Trader Joes at Gateway Overlook. I call it a phenomenon because happy workers in grocery stores are not something I have been accustomed to around here, particularly in the Giant stores.

What do these three happy employee grocery stores have in common?

They are all non union.


Anonymous said...

"Basically, the chickens are working for us, too". Happy?

Anonymous said...

Did you see the article on the Harris Teeter customers last week? Who cares that the staff is nice when the customers are dangerous.