Wednesday, May 07, 2008

In This Months Business Monthly

Sometimes the inspiration for my column in The Business Monthly comes from the local blog scene. This month, as I was working on the third draft of a column about GGP’s long awaited presentation of the Columbia Town Center Draft Master Plan (that’s really quite a mouthful isn’t it) I happened upon the Hayduke blog post about the same meeting. After reading his comments and revisiting my own notes, I found the focal point for my column.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of this months issue, you can read the column here.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the 'here' link: "Not Found
The requested document was not found on this server. "

JessieX said...

Hey, Wordbones. Here is the "here" link:

Anonymous said...

Will we ever find out if she ate a cookie?

wordbones said...

Apologies to anon 2:03 PM. Thanks to JSX the problem is now fixed. Thankyou JessieX (JSX).

Anon 6:54,
The funny thing is that I think I know this woman from way back in Columbia time when I served on the board of the Columbia Business Exchange, now commonly referred to as CBX. I think her name is Inge Hyder and I believe she has (or had) a business called Roommate Referrals. I don't kow if she ate a cookie but if she, by some wild chance, reads this blog perhaps she could answer your question.