Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scene This Week In...

SuCasa has returned to Ellicott City after a two year absence. The comtemporary home furnishings store used to be located in the former bank building at 8098 Main Street. That space is now occupied by Wessels Florist.

The new SuCasa has taken over the space that was formerly occupied by What’s In Store. What’s In Store was best described as an “eclectic” home furnishings store. It was fun to look at their merchandise but we never bought anything from them.
In any event, SuCasa returned to Ellicott City this month in a bigger space with more stuff.

The big retail news in Columbia is the opening of the new Harris Teeter store in the Kings Contrivance Village Center.
I first encountered Harris Teeter about ten years ago when I was in North Carolina visiting my sister. I remember wondering if our Giant grocery stores would ever be that nice. Wishful thinking I suppose. This is the kind of store that is well positioned to compete with Trader Joe’s and Wegman’s.
Anyway, Harris Teeter is open now and it is even better than I recall from that visit 10 years ago.

I also like it when a big company shows a sense of humor.